What is the best free typing tutor software available for Windows?

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What is the best free typing tutor software available for Windows?

Post by support » 09 Jan 2018, 20:54

Best Free Typing Tutor Software for Windows - 4 Programs

Being efficient in typing will certainly improve your productivity at work. While there are many excellent paid typing tutor software available on the market, a lot of people can’t spare the budget to subscribe to such software. So don’t fret as free typing tutor software is available for Windows users.

1. Typing Master 10

Typing Master 10 offers over 10 hours of typing exercises to boost your typing prowess. For those with some typing experience already, Typing Master 10 can help you identify your weaknesses and help you become more proficient. It uses a unique Windows widget called Typing Meter that will observe your typing habits and create statistics that you can use to get better.

Typing Master 10 believes that within three to five hours of using the software, you can expect some improvement in your typing skills.

2. Tipp10

The next free typing software for Windows is Tipp10. If you don’t like downloading software into your computer, you can use their browser version to use the program. Their software ensures that you get trained with the keyboard characters that are used more often than those that are less frequently used.

There is also some opportunity to personalize. For example, you can set the speed for the ticker, use a bigger typeface or choose which visual aids will help you more in your quest to improve your typing skills.

3. Rapid Typing

Another free typing tool you can try is Rapid Typing. It offers different levels of typing courses so even if you are an advanced or near expert typist, you can still improve further. To ensure that your fingers are always placed at the correct place in the keyboard, the software utilizes a color and zone coded virtual keyboard.

Don’t fret if you have a different keyboard layout aside from the typical QWERTY. Rapid Typing is also for kids so it’s good to start them early. Even classrooms can use this software to get the students at a proficient typing level.

4. Typing Quick & Easy

Finally, there is Typing Quick & Easy. It can work on older Windows versions such as Windows 7. There are timed tests to give you feedback as to whether you are improving or not as well as typing games to ensure you can have fun while learning. Finally, if you want to become a transcriptionist, the software provides educational articles on it.


You need not spend a cent to become a proficient typist. The list above offers you solid choices and it works on almost all Windows devices. However, if you like to invest into a premium software this Quora post covering 3 popular typing tutors might be helpful too. Alternatively, this is another good review to compare various tutors for Windows.

What is your experience? Any software not mentioned here? Please leave a comment below.

1) An intuitive application that features a series of easy lessons that can teach you to type efficiently, without even looking at the keyboard

2) RapidTyping is an application that can teach you how to type quickly and accurately.

3) The user interface of the program is clean and intuitive. You can get started by selecting a preferred language, along with the type of your keyboard.

4) one can toggle between beginner, intermediate and expert mode, as well as select lessons from the "Basics", "Shift keys", "Numeric Pad" and "Digits, Symbols".

5) Once you have completed a lesson, you can view results which consist of ratings (e.g. words per minutes, character per minute, accuracy), along with errors and delays in percent.

6) In addition, you can view online records, repeat the lesson or proceed to the next one. But you can also view statistics, edit the text in an editor, add a new course and view the properties of the current one.

7) Furthermore, you can enable sounds, reconfigure keyboard hotkeys, change the theme, select the lesson view, switch to a different font, and more.

8) This application uses a moderate amount of system resources and includes a comprehensive help file with snapshots. I strongly recommend RapidTyping Typing Tutor to all users who want to improve their typing skills.

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